Social economy entreprises and non-profit organisations

Since our debut in 2005, the core of our organization has been comprized of a collectivity of entrepreneurs. It is an honour for us to work with the flourishing and stimulating social economy network, which mainly composed of cooperatives and non-profit organizations. In fact, Niska is specialized in collective development and offers its organizational development services only to actors of collectivity, and because of this we have developed a comprehensive understanding of this particular environment and of the currently accepted best practices. All of our members invest themselves wholeheartedly in this development, both individually and collectively.

In doing business with us, you are choosing a firm which will act as a partner in a co-construction process. We can design planning strategies with creative, robust and engaging approaches (e.g. graphic facilitation, open forums and world cafés) which allow all voices to be heard. Do you need an external resource to guide you through the planning of a consultation process for your members? Call us! We will help you to better evaluate the current situation and evolution of your environment as well as all the systems that you are a part of. Additionally, we can offer trainings, webinars and tools to your work group, your administrative counsellor and your partners. As for our members hailing from backgrounds in management, they will be able to suggest training on business models which are based on state-of-the-art business intelligence research; this creates the possibility to explore new projects and opportunities with the potential to contribute to your firm's or your organization's financial and operational stability. Our workshop on the success factors for social economy firms will also probably be of interest to you!

There is an abundance of choice and our list is by no means exhaustive: if you wish to work with us, we'll help you outline your needs! And we'll also help you fulfill them, breathing renewed life into your collective project!

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