Local and regional institutions (municipalities, MRC, CLD and other public and parapublic agencies)

There's a good reason for which Niska regularly seeks out territorial development contracts; that's our specialty! We have carried out such contracts throughout Quebec with all sorts of actors of development and on all ends of the scale. Whether it's to design concerted strategic plans for your territory, to carry out studies that fall within your action plan, to stimulate the participation of your stakeholders (citizens, elected representatives and entrepreneurs) through participative event hosting or for a variety of other mandates, we're here to help!

We can help you put together a step-by-step process which will help you establish local and regional policies (e.g. social development policies, family policies and elder-friendly municipalities) or to provide an overview and/or diagnostic of a specific sector that you might be interested in (e.g. population ageing or youth concerns). We can support you all the way up to your development plans, which will allow you to intersectionnally integrate sustainable development in your RCM central planning tools while also incorporating citizen involvement. The reference framework we use for strategic funding, which has been used by Niska and tested in numerous settings since 2005, may prove particularly helpful because it allows you to bring to focus the main factors which determine whether a territory might develop itself or stay stagnant.

We also offer organizational development services to help you reach your objectives in terms of development capabilities and organizational efficiency. Our members, who hail from administration colleges for the most part, are able to give trainings on the role of elected representatives in matters of regional projects and change management. This training aims to help you make enlightened decisions, knowing how to establish priorities and how to make choices in the face of limited resources, incertitudes and the constraints of having to answer to multiple regulatory frameworks. We can also help you organize strategic planning retreats during which the aim is to level out discording opinions or objectives with other parties and converge towards a common vision.


"Of all consultants I have worked with throughout the years, Niska is on top of the list in terms of appreciation. Its multidisciplinary team conducted the mandates given to them with professionalism, openness and rigor."

Marc Carrière, Director general, MRC d’Argenteuil

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