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It's no chance happening that Niska has been guiding actors of collective development such as collaborative organisms and partner committees; our core value is that of cooperation, the belief in the power of acting together. If you're looking for an external resource that will understand the dynamics that your actions carry with them, who will be able to show you the way to the finish line even through a bumpy road, then you've come to the right place! Our members are not only very knowledgeable about the theoretical aspects of collective development, but they also have considerable terrain experience in the domain, which contributes to making Niska a reference on the subject in Quebec. By putting people at the center of our interventions, we are able to deal with inter-organizational issues linked to communications, diversity and conflict resolution. We can even propose different processes which you can integrate within your own context. Our interventions are flexible and our adaptivity is often remarked on and appreciated by our clients.

Beyond sectorial profiles and assessments (e.g. youth, social development, food security and infancy) that will flow from your action plans, we can guide you through the composition of your current vision and your group's comprehension of your current situation. Would you like to hear what your members and the stakeholders in your system have to say? Holding an event which aims to gather or mobilise people such as a forum or a strategic reflection day is something that calls out to you? We have what you need to help you design creative and participative processes which will not only favor the flow of information and the sharing of expertise, but which will also lead you to action.

We've carried out need studies, webinars, adaptation to change contracts (e.g. environment changes, end of funding agreements or specific agreements, merging of partner tables), collective project management contracts and collective impact evaluations with many of your peers. There looks to be a bright future awaiting this growing network of actors of collectivity.


"Working with Niska, it's not only a pleasure, it's a guarantee of solid and personalized expertise. Niska, which means "goose" in atikamekw, works as a team to bring projects to completion."

Claire Mailhot, Social economy advisor at CRÉ Montérégie-Est

"From the onset, on top of being dynamic, Niska understood our needs well and fed us with reflection, action and intervention ideas which were relevant and appropriate. Furthermore, the content of the different documents was accessible, user-friendly and easily usable."

Mylène Dubois, Coordinator of the Laurentians social development regional table

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