First Nations

Niska means "Canada goose" in the Atikamekw language. This symbol not only represents the way in which our members work cooperatively while inspiring themselves from the harmonious and democratic approach of the people of the First Nations, but it also speaks of our renewed engagement towards these First Nations. Some of our members have had the honour of working alongside the aboriginal people of Quebec as clients and friends for more than 15 years, quite some time before our firm was even formed. We have therefore developed an understanding of this environment which few people in Quebec have attained and use this in conjunction with our strengths and our view of the world in order to build an atmosphere of mutual respect, openness and good faith.

Time and again we have shown our capacity to adapt to inter-cultural dynamics and take great care not to suggest "copy-pasted" models taken from elsewhere. Thus, since 2005 we have worked with band councils, regional and inter-nation public organizations and associations of all levels. Our research services were developed in order to respond to your needs, and the results always feed back into your communities. The same is true for the tools and guides whose purpose is to support the entrepreneurs and actors of local, community and regional economic development; they are designed with your contribution and for your own purposes, in a logic of self-determination.

Our training and planning services depart from the classic formula in which the consultant holds all the knowledge and transmits it to the participants who hold a passive posture. The methods we offer are engaging and should feel aligned with the aboriginal learning traditions based on oral and visual story-telling. We can also guide you through the process of finding funds for these training sessions or even to simply have the means to realize your collective projects. This guidance can also include feasibility studies, market studies or business plans for cooperatives or associations that wish to develop a commercial outreach. We can also help you in regards to organizational structures.

It would be a pleasure for us to meet you in an exploratory meeting in order to discuss these possibilities and maybe even see new ones emerge! For more information, don't hesitate to contact us!

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